me01Hi, I’m Chris Marling. I started GoPlayListen in 2011 as a place to talk about going (on holiday), playing (board and computer games) and listening (to music) but it has since largely become a place for game discussion.

You’ll find weekly updates on everything from designing to playing board and card games, event reports and reviews, plus occasional posts on anything from running to reading.

I got back into the hobby late in 2008 and have a game collection of around 200 titles – while I record around 500 game plays per year.

My first board game design, Empire Engine, was published by AEG in 2014. In April 2015 I reduced my day job (senior editor of a website company) to a four-day week to concentrate more time on both design and this blog.

I’m a professional journalist. If you have a game you want reviewed or event covered, please get in contact. I am also happy to provide comment on anything to do with the board game industry, or to write content for your website about board and card games.

Outside of gaming I’m a mortgaged-up 40-something living with the missus in East Anglia. I’m a recovering music obsessive with a terrible diet and I drink too much – happy days.

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