Essen guide: Travel, hotels and Essen Spiel itself

Every year tens of thousands of gamers descend on the German city of Essen’s huge ‘Messe’ convention centre for its annual celebration of all things board gaming, the Internationale Spieltage – or Essen Spiel to most English speakers. As the biggest board game convention in … Continue reading

My Essen Spiel Wishlist 2014: The follow up

So, it’s time to compare before and after; to look back at my pre-Essen itinerary and see how many of the games I managed to get played – and how they were. Were my pre-Essen instincts sharp, or shambolic? What … Continue reading

Essen Spiel 2014: My 10 biggest hits (and misses)

It’s three weeks today since I played my first demo game at Essen Spiel 2014. Since then I’ve been to Edinburgh, been to Eastbourne, been to bed with the flu, and been maniacally trying to remember what I do for … Continue reading

Divinity: Original Sin – Brief review and essential basic tips

Divinity: Original Sin is an unapologetically old school RPG. It has an isometric view (you can flip to top down), bog standard fantasy setting, turn-based combat and perfectly reasonable graphics and dialogue. So what’s all the fuss about? For fans … Continue reading

CONtemplation: Essen Spiel 2014

This week’s league post assignment was CONtemplation, with the idea being everyone would talk about the San Diego Comic Con. But seeing as I couldn’t give a monkey’s about the ‘SDCC’ I figured a nice positive post about a con I … Continue reading