Five reasons board games are better than computer games

This is in no way serious. Well, maybe a little bit. But for full disclosure I’m a computer gamer too, although not as much as I used to be. Although this may or may not be because modern computer games have left me behind at some evolutionary step involving using more than one button at once…

1. They’re sociable

online game memeYou need other people actually in the room to play board games. So you’re not going to get ganked by a 12-year-old, unless you invite them round (then more fool you).

If you’re properly competitive, there’s nothing better than winning in person, mano-a-mano – looking on the face of your victims with contempt.

And if you’re not competitive, there’s nothing better than competing while socialising – and laughing about the intensity of the overly competitive guy on the way home. Also, adult beverages tend to be more socially accepted when consumed in company, instead of on your own in a darkened room…

2. They’re inclusive

E3: Men men men men manly men

E3: Men men men men manly men…

As well as being socially acceptable (if not as popular here in the UK right now), board games also offer something close to a level playing field. You can always find a game where people should be able to compete.

And hey – girls like them! When attending the world’s biggest board game show, Essen Spiel in Germany, you’re immediately struck by the diversity: couples, kids, families; a mass of diverse folk, young and old. If you go to E3, the biggest computer games show, you’re immediately struck by the smell of bloke…

3. They work after the zombie apocalypse

laptop in sunThere’s no electricity involved! No plugs, no batteries, no charging. So that box price you see? That’s it – that’s all your paying.

Well unless you want to buy board game expansions, or CCGs, but that’s a whole other story…

You can play them non-stop on the train; in power cuts; you can take them camping; head to the garden in the sun and not worry about not being able to see the screen, or fling the windows open in summer and still play. And they’re not going to crash either!

4. They’re compatible

compatibleIt doesn’t matter if you’ve got a BlackBerry, or an old Nokia, or even a calculator – all you need to join in on a board game is to show up.

If everyone is talking about a brilliant new board or card game, you can simply go and buy it – or borrow someone else’s copy.

You don’t have to buy an ugly plastic box first, then try and work out how to make it be friends with your TV. And then have to buy a new ugly plastic box two years later to play the next lot of new games…

5. There’s something for everyone

From minutes to hours; competitive or co-op; free to expensive; themed or abstract; nerdy or no; silly or serious; quiet or LOUD; even solo. Board and computer games have it all covered – but with board games, only one person needs to buy them – and people are much more willing to give things a go.

1 thought on “Five reasons board games are better than computer games

  1. I’m Going go with a reason number 6 – Anyone with an imagination and determination can create a board game – so many ideas to be compiled – so much teamwork to prove how an idea can grow.

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